Useful information for tourists

  • Be discreet about your views on cultural differences and behave and dress appropriately, particularly when visiting religious sites, markets and rural communities.
  • Always ask an individual's permission before you take a photograph and respect their reply.
  • Be security conscious and take sensible precautions.
  • Be alert to unattended baggage in public places.
  • Avoid political and other demonstrations or gatherings.
  • Avoid unlit streets at night.
  • Carry only the minimum amount of cash that you need for the day.
  • Leave your valuables and spare cash in the hotel safe or other secure place.
  • Hobbies that involve the use of cameras and binoculars (like bird watching and train or plane spotting) can be misunderstood (particularly near military sites). If you are not sure, don't do it - it is not worth the risk of being wrongly arrested for spying.
  • DO NOT get involved with drugs.
  • Always pack your own baggage and never leave it unattended.
  • If driving do not lend your vehicle to anyone else.
  • Do not give medicines prescribed for you by a doctor to people you meet on your travels.
  • Do not give medicines prescribed for you by a doctor to people you meet on your travels.
  • If you have never before travelled alone, it is natural to feel rather daunted устрашающий. We each go through life trying not to be afraid, comfortable within our envelope of security. The idea is to stretch that envelope. Keep stretching it until there is no envelope at all, and nothing separates you from your world.
  • To travel fearlessly, we obviously must avoid danger. Life involves risk whether you travel or stay at home, but there are ways to minimize a traveler's risk - standard precautions we should all take.
  • Don't look like a tourist. Do not sport white athletic shoes, waist packs or camera bags. Dress conservatively and a bit more formally than you would at home. Avoid expensive or designer clothing, luggage and jewelry.
  • Make at least a tentative itinerary and leave a copy with a relative or friend. Phone home or send e-mails with periodic updates.
  • Be selective about whom you tell you're alone. Normally, you can trust people with this information but, when in doubt, say you're with friends or a tour group.
  • Before you go out with a new friend, get some information about him or her - preferably a business card and home phone number. Leave this information with a member of your tour, a member of the hotel staff, or just leave it in your room. Your instincts will tell you if this person is safe, but leave evidence in case your instincts are wrong.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to what you can easily handle without becoming impaired ослабленный. To avoid being drugged, keep an eye on your drink and never leave it unattended.
  • Ask your hotel staff to mark your map with the location of your hotel and any areas you should avoid. Ask if it's safe to use public transportation after dark.
  • After dark, try to walk on well-lit streets with other people around. If you find yourself in a questionable area, duck увиливать into a public place to check your map or call for a taxi.
  • When you are out and about, be alert, not fearful, and not caught up in daydreams. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Despite all the safety tips, I assure you the world is a safe place. Traveling alone will restore your faith in humanity. Wherever you go, guides and helpers will be there when you need them. Wander, and know that you have friends all over the planet. You just haven't met them yet.
  • Useful telephone numbers:

      Telephone of The Ministry of Emergency Situations for Republic Buryatia - 8 (3012) 39-99-99, 8 (3012) 37-32-33

      Telephone of The Ministry of Emergency Situations for Irkutsk region - 8 (3952) 78-37-00, 8 (3952) 39-99-99

      Single number of fire emergency and rescue service - 101 (calls from mobile telephones)

      Police - 102 (calls from mobile telephones)

      Ambulance - 103 (calls from mobile telephones)
  • Importantly! If your plans include an active holiday away from the settlements, you will need to provide the following information:
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