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   We live in Ulan-Ude, 100 kilometers from lake Baikal. The nature of Eastern Siberia is very rich and wonderfully beautiful, fragrant valleys, surrounded by incomparable mountains, clean lakes filled with icy mountain rivers hidden from the gaze of the impenetrable taiga. Certainly the place we live in is one of the most beautiful on the planet. We love and appreciate the beauty, elegance and harmony of nature in Siberia. Baikal is definitely a place that is worth visiting at least once in your life, an emerald pearl on the world map that holds a lot of mysteries and is surrounded by a veil of mystery. This is a place for strong-minded people who will be able to appreciate the pristine beauty and feel the thrill of being alone with her.

   The purpose of our project is to show the beauty of lake Baikal, to give the opportunity to visit the beautiful place without leaving your computer, and to those people who dare to come to visit, to give the most detailed idea of the surrounding area, to tell and about all the nuances associated with the journey so that your leisure time was.

   Unfortunately, in recent years, many people do not appreciate what is created by nature and do not treat with due respect for the pristine beauty. One of the priority goals of our project is to preserve and protect nature from the negative impact of human activity, we advocate that people can enjoy the pristine, majestic and poetic nature of lake Baikal for many years.

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